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Ankola: Which is a Taluk( An Administrative sub-division) is in Uttara Kannada District of Karnataka State, India. A small town by any Standard surrounded by Numerous temples. It is in Line with Arabian Sea. The beaches present at this place are Baskal Gudda, Nadibag, Shedikuli, Keni, belekeri and many more. The main languange spoken here are Kannada(about 50%) and a dialect of  Konkani(about 40%)that is unique to Uttara Kannada.Ankolais famous for it's native breed of mango Called Ishaad and for Cashews harvesting . As of 2011 India census, Ankola has a Population of 22249

Water Supply related Problems , Please Contact Nodal Officer Mr Anandu Naik , Mobile No: 9448722939

12 Hours Public Grievance Redressal System ( Help Line Dial 08388-232069)

Chartered Accountant Audit Reports 2009-10 & 2010-11 ,2011-12 ,2012-13

Gazette copy of the Elected Representatives

Reservation for President & Vice President

Gazette by the Governer of Karnataka ( TP to TMC Up Gradation Page 1 & 2 )

Gazette by the Governer of Karnataka( TP Ankola to  Town Muncipal Area ( Town Muncipal Council) as on 16/06/2015


Official Web Site to Know your property Tax:




Plastic Bags are lethal. Plastic Kills at Least 2 Million Birds, whales,Seals and turtles every year . They Choke or get tangled in the plastic and die. Or they eat plastic, leading to internal infections, Starvation and death. Plastic does not dissolve; it breaks into tiny pieces and stays there for up to 1,000 years, contaminating soil, waterways and ocesns and entering the food web when eaten by animals.At this size it is eaten by every single organism in the world's oceans including the great Blue Whale.

 So , from 15/12/2010 Below 40 Micron Plastic Bags are Banned in Ankola Town Muncipal Limit ..

Town Muncipal Council Out Source Employee (Shri.Vinod Hulswar awarded Gold Medal  as Best Home Guard)


Computerized Schemes

1. Birth & Death records Computerization : Register of Birth & Death records has been computerized  from 1973 Onwards all the birth & death entries are available online. Public can view the Online records through official web site : http://www.ankolatown.mrc.gov.in/egbnd/SearchReports.do

2. Public Grievance Redressal Cell ( Help Line)TP Ankola has introduced PGR cell for the effective redressal of public complaints. Public can register their complaints over the Phone, writing  letter or through online. Tel No :08388-232068


3. ULB Web site : Information related to TP Ankola is available in Official web site www.ankolatown.gov.in

4. Property tax payment Computerization : TP Ankola has introduced " Aasti" a property tax payment application . As per 2005-06 survey  14 wards properties have been registered online. Public can view their property details available online at : website  http://www.ankolatown.mrc.gov.in/ptisnn/public/citizenIndex.jsp

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